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 The CollabCare Dementia Story

The team at CollabCare has been in the health service delivery business in Australia for over a decade. We have vast experience in successfully delivering innovative health solutions. We have always felt passionately about creating solutions that address that the fragmentation and major issues faced within the current Australian health care system.

With ever increasing number of elderly patients diagnosed with Dementia annually, and little or no satisfactory treatment methods for Dementia, there is a need to deliver non-pharmaceutical based therapeutic care to Dementia patients in the home and others suffering in Aged Care facilities.

CollabCare Dementia was founded with the vision of changing the way we care for Dementia sufferers now and into the future. Based on years of research undertaken with Monash University, CollabCare Dementia aims to deliver cost effective non-invasive products to assist in providing the happiness and wellbeing Dementia patients deserve as they age.

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