Delivering the happiness and wellbeing
those living with Dementia deserve

Who are we?

CollabCare Dementia is offering a different approach to the care and treatment of Dementia patients in Aged Care facilities and the Home. By using a Salutogenic person-centered approach, CollabCare's Dementia care solutions provide an alternative to the pharmaceutical or physical means of managing the behaviour of those living with Dementia and provides the mental stimulus Dementia patients need to improve their quality of life.

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The Dementia Care Challenge

It is well known that there is a crisis in Aged Care and Dementia care around the world with patients and family members suffering through the devastating effects of the disease with little or no treatment available.

Billions of dollars have been spent globally to unlock the secrets of Dementia and find a treatment with little or no result. Current methods for Dementia management involve physically restraining patients, delivering harmful doses of antipsychotic drugs or infrequent group activities or therapy.

It is well documented that improvements in patient happiness and mental health can be achieved through visual and aural stimulation. We at CollabCare Dementia aim to improve the wellbeing of Dementia patients and reduce caregiver burden.

Our Solutions for Dementia Care

CollabCare Dementia solutions are born out of years of research into the positive benefits of allowing patients to relive the best years of their lives. It is well known that the brain is stimulated when remembering positive events and times of happiness. CollabCare offers a variety of services designed to bring joy and improve day to day life. Each service has been specifically engineered to be used by those suffering from varying levels of dementia.


MemoryBox device is designed to improve the happiness and well being of Dementia patients via the playback of memorable moments and events over the patients lifetime. MemoryBox is a device that allows the patients to easily show familiar films, play familiar music or reflect on past lives by browsing through old family photos, home movies and familiar sounds.


MemoryShare provides carers and family members with the resources required to manage the Dementia journey of their loved ones. It provides a portal for carers and family members to select and upload the images, movies, pictures and audio to their loved ones MemoryBox and also reports on the use of MemoryBox to understand activities and usage patterns. MemoryShare also delivers the marketplace for MemoryBox carers to select from a range of applications, content, activities and games for use on MemoryBox.

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What are the benefits of using CollabCare Dementia?

CollabCare Dementia is aimed at increasing the quality of life for all dementia patients, regardless of the disease stage.

Primary Care Benefits: Family & Home Nursing

Financial Benefits Non-Financial Benefits
 Delayed or preventative transition into an Aged Care Facility  Integrated & connected dementia care solutions
 Enhanced capacity to support dementia patients remotely  Improved patient happiness and wellbeing
 Reduced need for pharmaceutical based treatments  Improved patient and family interaction

Aged Care Benefits: Residential Aged Care Facilities

Financial Benefits Non-Financial Benefits
 Maximise staff efficiency & effectiveness  Reduced unwanted patient mobility
 Improved staff and patient relationships  Reduced need for pharmacological treatments
 Enhanced workforce capacity  Assist in meeting accreditation requirements