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with their loved ones

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It’s time for a change

Over 90% of residents at aged-care facilities
experience either loneliness or depression.

40% of residents at aged-care facilities
never have any visitors.

7 in 10 people over the age of 65
experience a decline in cognition.

FamilyShare is for everyone

For elderly people

FamilyShare provides
engagement to older people, which reduces
boredom, loneliness and social isolation

For aged-care facilities

Innovative approach to
family engagement and
improves clinical-care support

For caregivers

FamilyShare reduces care burden,
lets caregivers learn more about residents
and creates a mutual respect between both parties

For family members

FamilyShare makes family members
feel more involved in their loved ones lives
by helping them connect with one another

FamilyShare in action

Why FamilyShare?

Media built for you

Access to family video-messages, personal photographs, music and movies via mobile App for residents living with or without dementia

Share and monitor content at your convenience

Mobile and web App that allows family members to remotely share messages and photographs with their loved-ones at aged-care facilities

Video call your loved ones from anywhere

Video-conferencing platform that allows family members to remotely connect with their loved-ones at their convenience

Choose a hardware option that suits you

We offer a range of hardware that caters to your needs, from tablets to large screens, light-weight stands to trolleys as well as additional plug-in accessories


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