All your communications tools in one place

Customisable interfaces and workflows for
flexible clinical needs

Easy to access technology without the need for complicated installations

Provide health services from anywhere
using your mobile device or PC

Stable and scalable communication, even in poorly connected areas

Full support for onboarding, training and on-going operations

What is TeleConsult?

TeleConsult is an all-in-one communications platform designed for healthcare that allows
for multi-modal telehealth services.

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Our modules for Telehealth

We built an agile system that creates custom pathways so that health providers & patients have the tools and support to compliment their care.

Video & Voice

We provide high definition video & voice. Our technology supports high and low bandwith connections - perfect for providing care to those in rural and less connected areas. We have a plug & play methodology that supports multiple video implementations and providers.

Secure Messaging

Our secure and interoperable messaging system enables users to interact in both real time and offline. Our system makes it possible for all health care providers and patients to more efficiently communicate and participate in care delivery.

Enhanced Document Sharing

Our secure document management repository is a robust system that allows access to relevant documents anytime, anywhere. It supports one-click integration and controlled sharing with registered and non-registered users.

Patient Care Plans

Care plans in healthcare often require multiple appointments and a variety of actions. This can include appointment reminders, vitals check, medication adherence, educational materials and more. Our care plan module aims to streamline this process for both doctors and patients to deliver a true impact.

Care Team Support

Long-term or chronic care of a patient does not only involve the patient and their doctor. It requires the entire clinical team, as well as carers and family members. Our solution assists and empowers the patients care team by providng tools that supports the care plan.

Personalised Support

We are available to support you and your team through the on-boarding process or any issues you may run into whilst using the service. Additionally, our clinical operations team can be made available to fully coordinate your telehealth service.

What sets TeleConsult apart?

We have years of experience in delivering online health solutions to a variety of health providers.
Leveraging our expertise, we have built a comprehensive solution for real world telehealth delivery.

  Modular Workflows

Workflows in the healthcare environment vary as much as each service delivery approach. We have built a modular platform for telehealth that allows for your unique delivery model.

  Health-centric Features

Telehealth is more than just great video. Features need to reflect the unique needs of both patients, providers and service organisations. TeleConsult is jam-packed with features that are relevant to real-life use cases.

  Enhanced Connectivity

Healthcare is required in every community, not only in the major metros but also in rural and remote areas. We have developed a solution that supports the widest range of bandwidth connections.

  Cross-platform Support

Different connection technologies are required for hospitals, clinics and patients. The TeleConsult platform cuts through all of this and allows users to connect through any platform using a single interface.

  Security and Privacy

Health security and privacy has been, and always will be part of our DNA. As concerns around proper information management and data privacy becomes more prevalent, we fully support and exceed all regulatory security frameworks.

  Service Level Maintenance

For those that require service levels to be monitored and maintained, we provide full control and auditing of service availability and automated, real-time notifications for fall-back.

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