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The CollabCare Story

The team at CollabCare has been in the health service delivery business in Australia for over a decade. We have vast experience in successfully delivering innovative health solutions. We have always felt passionately about creating solutions that address that the fragmentation and major issues faced within the current Australian health care system.

Wounds are a hidden epidemic in the health care system, but undoubtedly carry a huge burden on cost, care and outcomes. CollabCare Wounds was founded with the vision of changing the way we look at wound care now and into the future. We are driven by the value we bring everyone we touch from our customers, to healthcare providers, to the patients we serve.

CollabCare Wounds has brought together experts from wound management, digital technologies, clinical operations and healthcare executive backgrounds to form a holistic approach to address the needs in the wound care space. We do this by delivering innovative solutions to the wounds market through cutting edge technology, innovative clinical service delivery and best practice compliance.

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